How Companies Use Flash Drives - Case Studies by Logotech

May 15, 2019 in 12:55 PM | Posted By William Smith
How Companies Use Flash Drives - Case Studies by Logotech

We have a wide variety of clients here at Logotech – a variety as wide as our USB selection. Our clients purchase USB flash drives for many reasons, too. For some, it is pure marketing; using USB drives to hand out at conferences, community events and for trade show giveaways. So they, as we like to say, Get Noticed!

Clients also use USB drives to collect evidence, distribute legal documents, give mechanics repairs schematics, provide training documents, and to distribute films. They have determined USB flash drives are an efficient way to get information into user hands.

These Case Studies were created to help other groups learn from our clients. From police departments sharing crime scene reconstructions to a state university preparing international students for class, we offer real-life examples of why USB are a smart option for your organization, too.

Logotech Case Studies by Industry

Public Safety and Investigation

Whether you are looking for smart National Night Out giveaways, a thank you for CERT volunteers, or to share your Community Policing philosophy with an audience, USB drives are a smart way to do that.

Schaumburg, IL, Police Department - Evidence Transfers —> View Study

Los Angeles County Sherrif's Department - New Cadet Graduations —> View Study

Portland, OR, Police Department - Recruitment and Community Policing —> View Study

State Level Public Safety Organization - Evidence Collection and Transfer —> View Study

Big Box Retail Stores - Evidence Collection and Transfer —> View Study


USB drives put real information into the hands of those who need them, when they need them. They can be a recruiting tool for new students, an aid for post-graduation job searches, or a PBIS reward.

Lakeland College / Lakeland Emergency Training Centre - Recruiting Efforts —> View Study

Los Angeles County Office of Education - Employment Training and Job Searches —> View Study

Oklahoma State University, International Students Office - Student Orientation —> View Study

SEM Mgmt Group - Academic Catalogs —> View Study

Laguna College of Art and Design - Academic Catalogs* —> View Study


Large equipment and auto makers use USBs to train service technicians on their products. Others provide USBs with each unit sold to help technicians solve future problems. USBs are also easy to mail and quick to update as your catalog changes.

Daimler Corporation - Service Training —> View Study

Precision Wire Supply - Electronics Schematics —> View Study

Carlson Paving Products - Operations Manuals —> View Study

Plastic Bottle Corporation - Catalogs —> View Study

Molex, LLC - Catalogs —> View Study



The Bible Project - Catalogs* —> View Study