Back to School: USB Drives for Educating and Learning

Sep 11, 2014 in 08:00 AM | Posted By Nikita Nersesov

Kids are heading back to school, and in order to learn in the best environment possible, they need tools to succeed. Teachers are working hard to make the most of tight budgets and larger classrooms. Put the best foot forward this school year with some creative ways to use USB drives in and out of the classroom.

For parents

  • Send your kids to school with handy USB pens. They can use the pen to take important notes, and store reports and other school documents securely on the USB drive.
  • Give your kids’ teachers a customized USB drive to thank them for being such a great influence on your child’s learning.

For teachers

  • Teachers, put your name on a USB and give them out to students at the start of the year. Ask them to turn in papers electronically via the drives for easy grading.
  • Send students home with USB drives stuffed with grades and progress reports for parents to  easily access important information.
  • Order a batch of fun USBs to hand out as prizes for a job well done throughout the year

For administration, athletics and other school groups

  • Universities, use branded USBs to attract students to your booth at college fairs. Include campus maps and other important student information on the drive to give as much information as possible in a short interaction.
  • Coaches can welcome new teams to a season with a USB drive of plays, forms and other information about the season’s schedule.
  • School clubs and Greek systems can utilize USBs to provide all important information for a new crop of recruits.

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