Branding Success: Promotional Products Increase Brand Awareness

Branding Success: Promotional Products Increase Brand Awareness

If setting yourself apart is the name of the business game, then a quality brand is the key. Brand recognition should be top of mind when working to grow your business. The British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has researched the effectiveness of promotional products on brand recognition, awareness, and increases in sales. In a 2012 survey, more than half of the participants said their opinions of a company improved after receiving a branded item.

Logotech specializes in bulk USB drives. These drives are useful to customers, especially in an age of digital information and need for security. The BMA research shows that the most useful promotional item for a customer is a USB drive.


BMPA USB Research


More than 65% of survey participants could recall the name of the company on the branded item after a year. Therefore, if a product is more useful to a consumer, the more they will use it and have increased exposure to the company's name and logo. The research also shows that promotional product received a better return on investment than both radio and outdoor advertising.

What does all this mean for your company? It means that Logotech's promotional products offer a way to make your brand memorable. Contact us today for more information.