Thread bobbin USB flash drive

Feb 08, 2019 in 11:30 AM | Posted By Janelle Walker
Thread bobbin USB flash drive

I can whip stitch a seam back together or replace a button – with no promise of how long that seam will last or if that button will disappear again, soon. Other than those two sewing basics, I have no idea how to sit down with a pattern and make an actual sewing machine work.

The number of people who come to us looking for custom USB drives for their sewing-based businesses just amazes me. The talent and creativity of these business women and men is echoed in the patterns we see on their websites, Etsy shops, Facebook pages and Pinterest profiles. If you want it sewn, embroidered or created from whole cloth, these professionals know their material.

We’ve done an array of sewing machines, scissors, measuring tapes and now this fun USB bobbin for different companies in the past.

There are several ways to use USBs to sell and market your sewing business. Create custom patterns for embroidery machines, record training videos for beginning and intermediate students, or create patterns clients can print out. All of these are possible with simple USB drives and without having to put custom designs on a website. Other clients simply give the drives to customers and potential customers so they can download their own patterns onto USB drives.

Are you ready to promote your sewing business with a custom drive that is as creative as your work? Submit a quick form today. We can start stitching a USB design together for you.