USB Flash Drives for Film and Video Distribution

USB Flash Drives for Film and Video Distribution

The movie industry knows when a film needs custom USB drives, Logotech is its star performer. 

We can make drives in any shape to promote films and artists. For any movie length and genre, too. We can do 2D USB drives shaped into the movie logo or the film poster. Shape your 3D USB into the lead performer's character. 

Why do filmmakers come to Logotech for custom USB drives? Thumb drives are now the standard format and distributors know Logotech's USB drives are the best in the industry. 


Custom Clapper Board USB Flash Drive


Why USB? Because DVDs are now as outdated as reel-to-reel.

Younger families may not own a DVD player. Laptop computers rarely come with optical drives. Most HDTV screens and laptops have a USB port, however. 

Also, filmmakers can send USB drives to subscribers and customers ordering content directly from their websites. At lower costs than a DVD.

Ready to put your movies on custom USB flash drives? Check out all of our Entertainment Flash Drives, or find out how to make a custom USB of your own. We will get your thumb drives ready for their close up. 

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