USB Drives For Title Companies

USB Drives For Title Companies

The entire house buying process can be done digitally. The next step is handing over closing documents on bulk flash drives.

Now, laws across the country are catching up to technology. Real estate agencies and title companies are either using or looking at using e-signature or e-closing software to close property sales. 

One of our largest title servicing customers said that nearly 50 percent of its clients expect their closing documents on thum drives. For some of their offices, that number is close to 70 percent. Putting documents on custom flash drives saves trees and copying expenses for title companies and Realtors. Those flash drives should go in the same fireproof safe as any insurance documents and other important papers.

That customer orders Logotech's USB Key Flash Drive for their customers because it looks like the keys to their new home, too. They also use the keys for interoffice transfer of some documents.

Some title customers still want hard copies, according to their office manager. Younger buyers expect their documents on flash drives, however. She is a property investor herself and said she hates all the paper generated at closing. "It's easier to store documentation on one small drive inside a safe," she said.

If you are ramping up your e-closing plans, still investigating wet vs. e-signature, or have fully adopted electronic closing, we have the USB drives to store those documents. Whether you are a multi-office agency or an independent shop, our Account Managers will help you determine what memory and style of promotional flash drive is best for your organization. Contact us today to get started.