Real Estate Industry Promotions Marketing 

Real Estate Industry Promotions Marketing 

Every real estate professional has or should have promotional swag to market themselves.

The right promotional product will do more than get thrown in a drawer. It will be used by that contact. The best scenario? When friends need a real estate agent, they'll grab the swag and give them your contact information. 

Logotech offers everything a real estate professional — from independent agents to agencies affiliated with the country's largest groups — needs for marketing themselves in a competitive marketplace.

Event Giveaways

What is your giveaway to help event goers remember your agency? When everyone else is doing stress balls or pens, what makes your swag stand out? 

Logotech has expanded into all promotional products our customers may want to hand out. We have price points for any budget and can source any other product you might want as your event giveaway.

Custom Flash Drives

Across the country, USB drives are becoming a common platform for closing documents. However, custom shaped USB flash drives or USB business cards are a smart way to share your contact information with buyers.

Logotech has created an entire gallery of Real Estate Flash Drives for the industry. Included in those are shapes for some of the country's largest selling groups: ReMax, Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and Keller Williams. Drives with that branding help keep your name in house hunter's minds when they start shopping.

After the sale

Your client just made a life-changing purchase with you. What are you giving them as a thank you after the sale is closed?

Technology gifts, like Qi wireless chargers or custom power banks are a great thank you for clients. Most of the newest smartphones come with wireless charging capabilities. A quality wireless charger for their nightstand, end table, or kitchen media center will be used by the entire family. Power banks are an absolute necessity for families on the go.

Either gift, with your logo right on it, will be there when your past clients are telling friends and family about how easy the process went, and what a great closing gift they got from you. 

We have more ideas for Real Estate Pros closing gifts -- all the ways to say "thank you for your business" and ensure referrals later. 

Contact Logotech today for a quote and up you marketing promotions game.