Tanker Ship USB Flash Drive

Tanker Ship USB Flash Drive

Take a hold of your marketing plans with custom products.

Set sail on your new marketing campaign and fly your company's logo on our Tanker Ship USB Flash Drive.

With so much attention given to cargo ships as of late, it is easy to forget that more than consumer products are shipped by sea. Chemical tankers carry liquid products needed for other manufacturing processes -- sometimes from ports far from where manufacturers need them.

These carriers adhere to strict international regulations to ensure the safety of sailors, marine resources, and the ship's next cargo. These carriers -- our client included -- are also held to high standards by their customers. They need to know their products won't be spoiled or worse by poor processes and bad design.

Logotech also works hard to ensure our customers get what they expect -- good design and the highest standards for custom memory sticks. Whether you are looking for USB 2.0 or the faster USB 3.0, we make sure your custom product is a positive reflection of your company's product.

Logistics companies across the world are all competing for clients. How do you make exporters -- be that chemical manufacturers or wine makers -- aware of your fleet's capabilities? Hand out custom flash drives at your industry meetings and give them to your customers when the deal is signed. Load your flash drives with photos, contracts, specs and anything they need to know about your ships and the company.

Are you considering a 100 percent custom product for your client gifts? Then contact your Logotech Account Manager. We will work with you to design the right vessel for your marketing message.


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