Logotech-4-Good November Recipient

Logotech-4-Good November Recipient

Flash Drives Can Help Those Leaving Abusive Relationships.

When victims of domestic violence -- women, men and often children -- leave their abusers, the courts and documentation are often involved.

That is why the Domestic Violence Project, Inc. wants flash drives for their clients. That is also why the organization was selected as the November Logotech-4-Good recipient.

The Canton, Ohio, Domestic Violence Shelter will receive up to $500 in branded flash drives to aid their clients in crisis.

"In order to obtain protection orders or have a case against their abuser, they need to keep important documents in one place. If they are still with their abuser, they must be able to keep other important documents in a safe place. A thumb drive would allow them to hide it in their purse or other belongings," said Ashley Huprich, development and communications director, in her application.

Unlike the thumb drives we deliver to clients across the world, these flash drives will not be printed with the Domestic Violence Project logo. Instead, Huprich and the staff there plan to put just a section of the logo on them. By using just a small portion, it will help conceal who gave it to them and what it may hold.

A flash drive is easily concealed in a wallet or purse or left in a coat pocket. Then it is accessible when the documents are needed. Evidence, including voice mail recordings and text screenshots, can also be stored in a thumb drive.

All of this can help domestic violence victims safely leave their abusers.

The group has been working with these families since 1978 when three local women saw the need for a domestic violence shelter in their community, Huprich said. In addition to two emergency shelters, DVPI provides a 24-hour hotline, transitional housing, medical advocacy, legal advocacy, and outreach and aftercare. All services are free and confidential.

They are also one of just a handful of shelters that allow clients to bring their pets with them to the shelter, Huprich said.

Plans are to give the USB drives to clients, she said. During Fiscal Year 2021, DVPI served 247 men, women, and children in shelter and 865 individuals served in legal advocacy. Like many domestic violence shelters, they saw an uptick in both the severity of abuse and the need for services throughout the pandemic.

To learn more about the Domestic Violence Project, Inc., go to: https://www.dvpi.org.

Learn about the Logotech-4-Good program and apply at www.logotech.com/logotech-4-good.