Road Bicycle USB Flash Drive

Road Bicycle USB Flash Drive

Consider custom shaped flash drives for your exhibition.

We designed this custom Road Bicycle USB Flash Drive for a client working on a unique project. The group plans to honor a largely unknown part of U.S. military history.

In 1897 a troop of Buffalo Soldiers pedaled 1,900 miles over roads that barely earned the name. Over 41 days, they rode over mountains, through rivers and in hail, heat and rain. The gearless bikes weighed 32 pounds. The supplies they carried with -- spare parts, tents, bedrolls and provisions -- added more weight. Estimates say each bicycle was 100 pounds when fully loaded. The Black soldiers had to carry the bikes when wading through rivers or over muddy paths during the height of summer.

Their leader designed the expedition to show Army generals that bicycles were an alternative to horses for moving troops. When the Buffalo Soldiers from Fort Missoula, Montana, reached their destination of St. Louis, Missouri, biking enthusiasts from local clubs greeted them.

While the trip proved bikes could move soldiers, it took motorbikes for the military to take two-wheeled transportation seriously.

There are some excellent reasons to choose custom shaped thumb drives for your marketing and history education program.

Shaped flash drives let the user know immediately where the story starts. A USB flash drive can hold all of the historical photos, newspaper stories and journal entries. If you have PDF documents and books about the expedition and movie and audio files, a flash drive can hold them all at once. If you are planning a new museum exhibition, putting a digital copy of those displays on flash drives allows others to learn about it even if they cannot attend themselves.

Would you like to see how your idea looks like as a 100 Percent Custom Product? Or are you planning an event that works perfectly with our Bicycle USB Flash Drive? Whether you need a racing bicycle, a mountain bike or a touring model, we can design a custom shape that fits your program. Contact your Logotech Account Manager today to get started.


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