Power Up Your Marketing Plan

Power Up Your Marketing Plan

The best in name brand chargers, imprinted with your logo

At Logotech, our tagline is Get Noticed! because we believe in quality, promotional merchandise. Promotional products are the best way to get your name and your products — and your customer's display of brand loyalty — to the public.

That is why our new custom power banks are not your basic models. We are working with two of the biggest names in battery packs: Anker and mophie®. When you imprint your name on these chargers — some of the most respected in the industry — your customers know you are giving them a quality product. That you do not cut corners and have given them a product you are proud to put your name on.

Why do you need power banks as your next promotional product? Because it is something your customers carry with them all the time. Whether they keep it in their laptop bag, purse, briefcase or backpack: they know sooner or later they are going to need it. They will pull it out at the airport, while hunting Pokeman, on the train or bus during their commute, while camping or hiking, at a music festival, and many other very public locations. Where someone else will ask if they could use one of the open ports to charge their phone, too, and they start talking about great YOUR company is.

So what is new and great in mobile chargers?

Custom Powerbanks

Multi-Port Chargers

The first charger I ever saw was a "lipstick" device. It is still my go-to, because it carries well in my purse/laptop bag/backpack. But if you have a combination of iOS, Android, Lightning cable or USB-C or micro B USB devices, a multi-port charger can work for each device. There are two-, three- and four- port chargers available to ensure all of your devices will get the juice they need when you need them to.

USB-C Chargers

USB-C is the newest USB connection style. While many people believe USB-C is automatically a USB 3.0, that is not always true. It might be the USB 2.0 technology inside. Top of the line power banks are designed to maximize its output to charge your USB-C device at the fastest possible charge rate without overloading or overheating the battery. These also come with USB-A ports to connect to your Lightning and Micro-B devices as well.

Laptop Chargers

If your work life demands you are working from and in your car with a laptop, eventually you are going to have too much work and not enough battery to finish. The mophie ® Powerstation AC Laptop Charger solves that problem. You can charge your laptop, phone, camera, and more, all at once. I can see a lot of TV and media people needing these. I know news photographers that would have hurt someone for one of these in the field!

Wall Chargers

Yes, wall chargers. Unless you have updated your wall outlets to add USB charging ports or have a combo USB/outlet power strip, you still need to plug your phone or power bank into an actual outlet to charge. I keep my four-port charger in the kitchen just above the computer desk. These are also great for travel, since the plugs fold into the body. Wall chargers ensure that even if your hotel room's desk only has one or two outlets, you can charge both your laptop, phone, camera, tablet and any other USB-powered device simultaneously. Ensure you and your customers have enough cables, too, by picking up some USB cables and adapters!

Contact Logotech today to get a quote for custom power banks. Once you send us our logo, we will get you and your customers charged up for your products.