Cool Qi Wireless Chargers to Power Your Promotions

Cool Qi Wireless Chargers to Power Your Promotions

Qi (pronounced "chee") charging has been around for a while now, but recently these wireless chargers have seriously taken off.

Wireless charges are found everywhere these days, from your coffee shop to your doctor's office. You can buy a couch or a nightstand with the charger embedded in the furniture. The technology has also improved with fast-charging capabilities. The technology is so good that Qi chargers are now available as one of the best custom products you can get, imprinted with your logo.

What a great way to Get Noticed!

We now offer a full line of customizable Wireless Chargers. Here are some of our favorites, including power bank and Qi charger combos, desktop models, and mouse pads that will charge your phone and Qi-enabled mouse!

Anker PowerPort Qi 10W Wireless Charger

Custom Wireless Charing Pads

That's right. Anker. A brand you know and might already own. These top-of-the-line units offer fast charge mode and are now available for your branding, too. Your customers will love that you gave them a brand they already know and love.

Qi 2 Go Wireless Charger Power Bank

This combination power bank and Qi charger is the best of both worlds. When you have a spot to plug it in, you can wirelessly charge your mobile device. No outlet? No problem. It also works as a power bank and can charge a phone twice, or two devices at once.

Qi Vent Mount Wireless Charger Universal

Your state is enforcing hands-free driving laws and your sales staff now have Qi-enabled mobile phones? This solves their navigation and charging needs at the same time. Plus, this model offers a large spot for imprinting your logo that is never hidden behind the phone.

Qi Wireless Charging Mouse Pad Jumbo

Oh, look, another Qi charger that solves two problems at once! Also available in large, these mouse pads will charge your phone, give you a clean and uncluttered surface for your computer mouse at the same time. They also give a huge space for emblazoning your logo on desks across the country or the world. Perfect for tech and internet security companies who run behind the scenes to keep their names in front of customers.

Qi Wireless Charging Desk Stand

Custom Wireless Charging Pad

Want to see what's going on with your notifications while wirelessly charging your phone? Use your phone as an alarm clock and like to see it at night? Want to ensure when your branding sits on a desk, everyone can see it? Then get these Qi Charger Desk Stands. They will expand for charging tablets, too, and your logo will stand up and stand out.

Qi Triad Multi-Device Charger

Need to charge your Qi phone and your regular tablet at the same time? The Qi Triad will charge your wireless device AND two other devices using regular USB-A ports at the same time. These are perfect for waiting rooms, your Airbnb space, or every desk in your office! No longer will staff have to crawl under their desks to charge all of their devices.

Qi Wireless Charging Pad Disc

Custom Wireless Charing Pad

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to get Qi chargers branded with you logo on customer desks, these are the perfect pucks for your company. With nearly three inches of space for your logo, they are a great way to Get Noticed!

Qi Bevel Wireless Charging Pad

Shiny! Thes aluminum-ringed Qi charging pads stand out on a desk and will look great with your logo in full color. Small but mighty, these are also great for waiting rooms, reception areas, or anywhere a customer may need to recharge.

Qi Reflect Wireless Charging Pad

The Qi charger puck is a smart buy for your office and to give to your customers. They will put it in their offices, where their customers will notice what a useful piece of technology came from. Their word-of-mouth marketing helps expand your brand awareness.

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