Speakers USB Flash Drive

Speakers USB Flash Drive

Blow away the competition with your own custom shaped flash drives.

What can you do with a custom shaped Speaker USB Flash Drive? Distribute your music on them or drive customers to your custom car audio website, to start.

This client sells the equipment audiophiles want for their car audio systems. They also build and sell trunk-mounted speaker boxes. They do custom builds for those who not only want the best sound out of their cars, but who enter their systems in car audio competitions.

Did you know that around the country, people bring their cars to racetracks, fairgrounds or arena parking lots to compete for who has the loudest stereo? According to the Mobile Electronics Competition Association (MECA), the organization hosts more than 100 car stereo competitions every year. The group is just one of a handful of organizations offering the events.

At some competitions, car audio enthusiasts must use the same audio clip to determine which system is the loudest and has the best clarity. So why not put that music on a custom shaped flash drive and give it away as part of the entrance fee?

We have made both Customizable USB Flash Drives for the Entertainment Industry and Branded USB Flash Drives for the Automotive Industry. Both galleries have designs that can inspire car and car audio lovers for their own ideas.

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