Piston USB Flash Drive

Piston USB Flash Drive

Custom shaped flash drive for high octane promotions.

Rev up your promotions with our Piston USB Flash Drive. Whether you fabricate pistons or rebuild engines, these custom shaped products can power your marketing plans.

This client has been making pistons for nearly 200 years, even before internal compression engines were commonplace. Originally, they made pistons for steam engines. Manufacturing engines and engine parts, as well as repairing damaged industrial machinery, has been part of its history throughout that time.

How can you use these flash drives for your marketing? Give them away at trade shows, leave them behind after sales presentations, or sell them directly to customers online.

For custom machining shops who make specialized parts, flash drives are a smart way to tell potential customers about your manufacturing capabilities. You can preload flash drives with videos of your production floor and case studies with past clients. For large engine manufacturers, fill your thumb drives with company history and photos of complex projects.

Whatever you manufacture, we can create 100 Percent Custom Product that looks just like it. Or, check out our gallery of USB Drives for the Automotive Industry for ideas and suggestions.

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