Asphalt Distributor Truck USB Flash Drive

Asphalt Distributor Truck USB Flash Drive

Help connect to clients with custom products for the road construction industry.

If your paving equipment company wants to boost its income, consider an Asphalt Distributor Truck USB Flash Drive for your new promotional product.

Our client rents and sells specialized paving equipment. The company also uses them every day in its pavement maintenance business. Their marketing department asked our design team to create two custom shaped products -- one for this asphalt distributor truck and the second for an asphalt hotbox truck USB drive.

Both pieces of equipment are vital parts of paving construction and maintenance. Most people outside of the industry have seen one but have no idea what they do.

An asphalt distributor is a truck-mounted, insulated 1,000-gallon to 2,000-gallon tank. The truck's tank is outfitted with attachments to spray an even layer of tack coat. Then, more equipment lays down the next layer of asphalt. When done right, the tack coat helps the new layer of asphalt adhere to its base. The adhesive layer prevents future cracking and other surface deterioration.

An excellent promotional product helps connect your customers to your services. It reminds them why you are their preferred contractor for parking lot repairs, street maintenance, and paving rental equipment. A 100 Percent Custom Product won't just sit in a drawer. Your clients will leave this specialty shape sitting on their desks. Your name and contact information will always be in front of their eyes.

Are you ready to distribute a custom shaped promotional product as your new marketing tool? Contact your Logotech Account Manager now. We will help you get rolling.


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