Photographers: Wowing Clients With Custom USB Drives

Sep 04, 2014 in 09:00 AM | Posted By Nikita Nersesov

If you own a photography business, then you understand the need to make an impression. You do this every day with your images. More and more, customers are wanting to receive images digitally, and have rights to reproduce them. What if you could give your customers the images they want on a USB drive that creatively represented your company?

camera-shaped-usb-FDRB470-2  camera-shaped-usb-FDRB470-3

These creative camera USBs will impress your clients when they receive the images of their wedding, newborn, or family photos on them. When they plug them into their computer or take them to a store to be reprinted, they'll be reminded of the great service they received every time the look at it. Your logo displayed prominently on the USB will also remind them of the great experience they had with you, and will likely be repeat customers, or recommend your services to others.

    clear-pen-usb-flash-drive-FDPN448-1  clear-pen-usb-flash-drive-FDPN448-2

Give your clients a double duty promotional product when you give them their images. By using a USB that clicks easily into a pen, your logo will be visible on both items. Clients will love that they can use the pen for everyday notes, while having the images handy when they need them at the computer.

Wedding-Themed-USB-Flash-Drive-FDRB452-1 basketball-shaped-usb-flash-drive-FDRB390-1 

Do you specialize in wedding photography? What about sports or pets? Logotech has a huge selection of USBs that can capture the essence of your business. We can even create a completely custom USB just for you. Contact us with any questions, or with your idea for a custom USB that will take your photography business to the next level!