Cool Custom Socks a Shoo-in for Your Promotions

Nov 08, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Cool Custom Socks a Shoo-in for Your Promotions

Socks as a present was likely one of the biggest letdowns a kid ever had. Where is my Barbie Corvette? I don't want socks!

Adult me utterly loves new socks. Whether I pick up a pair of warm fuzzy, aloe-infused, wear-around-the-house socks. Or a fun pattern from my favorite home business sock supplier. New socks are a simple pleasure. 

Likewise, fun business, dress or trouser socks are huge in the promotional product landscape. When corporate style is a suit and tie or slacks and a top, socks are a fun way to express personality.

Sock science has also come a long way. If the toe seam absolutely drives you nuts, there are seamless socks. Basketball and other sport socks feature extra padding and supports placed for the left or right foot, and different stitching in the arch and heel to ensure comfort. In theory they also help prevent injury since your foot should not slide around in a good basketball shoe. Newer blends of wool, spandex, cotton and other groundbreaking material (bamboo socks!) make for dry socks and happy feet.

So what are our options for custom socks, printed with your company, team, or organization logo?

Custom Pantone Matched Jacquard Dress Socks 

Jacquard socks are the ultimate in designed socks for everyone. Jacquard weaving means the cloth is woven with your design in the sock, not just stitched into or printed on the material. The pattern does not change when stretched over the calf, either. This style allows for full customization of your branding.

No Seam Socks 

While marketed to diabetic users, sensory-sensitive children and those with eczema, no seam socks really are for anyone. Even if you have none of the above issues a scratchy seam can be the biggest annoyance ever. A badly-made sock with a bulky seam can not only drive you nuts from the discomfort, but also cause blisters or even bleeding. That is not good for foot health and can cause more problems down the line. 

Full Color Dress Socks  and Dress Sock (Black Welt, Heel, and Toe) with DTG Printing

These dress socks are the burst of color your style needs. They are made with complete sublimation, so the pattern is imprinted on the socks. They are a great giveaway for your team-building retreat, or to sell in a gift shop or your office store. 

Wool Performance Quarter Sock 

Today's wool socks are not the wool socks you remember from childhood. The wool now is merino, lauded for its soft feel and natural antimicrobial properties. Combined with nylon, spandex, elastic and Lycra, these socks will retain their shape and wick away sweat to keep your feet warm and dry, too. We will stitch your logo into the sock for maximum visibility. 

Non-Binding Quarter Moisture Wicking Sock 

For diabetics and other people with circulatory issues, a binding sock band can interrupt already compromised circulation. These socks make a great promotional item for podiatrists, orthopedics, or any other doctors, too. Even if you don't have a circulatory issue, sometimes that binding can be irritating. Also, who doesn't love to have options for which sock they want to wear depending on their planned daily activities?

Super Fit No Show Moisture Wicking Sock and  No Show Sock-Full Color Exterior 

We have two options for micro-crew, no-show socks. Both work well with athletic shoes and yoga pants. If you don't like the look or feel of socks above the ankle, both of these are great options with modern styling. Up your no-show sock game by giving your employees the option of these minimalist socks. 

High Performance Basketball Sock and High Performance Basketball Sock (without boxes) 

Basketball socks offer extra cushioning where it's needed, a tighter fit around the instep to keep the sock from slipping, and an anatomical fit for the right vs. the left foot. High performance socks are designed to keep the sock from slipping around on your calf when you are playing hard and tearing up the court.

We have even more options for customized socks for your branding. Take a look, decide what will fit your needs, and contact your Account Manager today for a quote.