Coffin USB Flash Drive

Feb 27, 2019 in 12:30 PM | Posted By Janelle W.
Coffin USB Flash Drive

We are kind of a big deal in the music industry.*

Like how we helped this label, who wanted a coffin USB flash drive to illustrate a premier act's new album. We've done special drives for other bands, too. They aren'tjust looking for the right format, but also know image is everything in the industry. The right custom drive lets consumers know the band will be around for the second album, too.

Custom shaped USB drives are a smart way to jump into the music scene. While most laptop computers no longer come with CD drives, you can plug a flash drive into laptop and desktop machines and download the songs into your iTunes then listen to it anywhere. Some formats and some cars will also allow you to plug a music USB right into the port and listen to the music directly (your mileage may vary, depending on the format).

Whether you have the album art finalized, or are looking for a drive that echoes that artwork, our expert design team can craft the personalized USB drive for your promotional campaign. Visit our custom shape USB drive page to get started.

*OK, so maybe we are the behind the scenes guy who gets no production credit but does get the coffee version of a big deal.