Arrowhead USB flash drive

Feb 12, 2019 in 11:30 AM | Posted By Janelle Walker
Arrowhead USB flash drive

Authentic native arrowheads are just one of the things this client’s customers may come across on one of the hiking, canoeing and other eco- tours he provides in the Canadian wilderness. They also often find fossils on those outings.

Taking those arrowheads and fossils is frowned upon in some areas and completely banned in others. Taking pictures is completely encouraged – as are loading photos and video from tours and hikes onto USB flash drives.

These custom USB arrowhead flash drives feature imprinting on both the arrowhead and on the drive itself, ensuring the user always knows which drive it is, even if the arrowhead is lost. Unlike the indigenous peoples who left their original work behind, these drives also have a keychain option to prevent that.

No matter which part of the country your excursion service features, be it on the water or over land, we can make a USB flash drive featuring its highlights. Ready to create a custom drive to give or sell to your clients? Visit ourcustom shape usb drive page today and our advanced design team will target a drive for your business development and promotion plans.