Ambulance USB flash drive

Feb 11, 2019 in 12:36 PM | Posted By Janelle Walker
Ambulance USB flash drive

Ambulance services are one of those things most people don’t really think about – until they need EMTs or paramedics at their home or place of business.

But those who work in the public safety sector know that for fire departments who are also emergency medical service providers, ambulance calls vastly outweigh calls for fires. What is your department doing to promote its paramedic/EMT services and personnel?

These ambulance Ambulance USB flash drives are a great way to ensure your community is as aware of your paramedic services as they are your fire services. They make a great handout for National EMS Week, for employee recognition events, and touch-a-truck events during your open houses or at National Night Out events.

Whether you are a hospital- or government- funded emergency medical transport service, or do billing for those services, we have the custom USB jump drive to promote your services. Ask for a quick quote today and our expert design team will build a drive your outreach plans.