Customized Convertible Table Covers for Your Brand

Convertible Table Covers: Flexibility and Visibility in One

Whether you're setting up for a trade show, a corporate event, or a local fair, Logotech's custom convertible table covers provide an effective and versatile solution for your promotional needs. Seamlessly transform your display table from ordinary to extraordinary, and let your brand be the focal point of every event.

Types of Promotional Convertible Table Covers

At Logotech, we offer a wide variety of convertible table covers in bulk. Our table covers are crafted from high-quality polyester for durability and can adjust to fit both smaller four-foot and larger six-foot tables or, alternately, accommodate six foot and eight foot tables. This versatility means you're prepared for any event, regardless of table size!

Our convertible table covers offer a wealth of customization options. Choose from a spectrum of colors to match your branding or the theme of your event. Your logo can be color printed on the fabric for a clean, professional look. For those seeking an eye-catching display, we also offer dye sublimation, a process that creates vibrant, all-over designs that draw traffic to your table.

Benefits of Using Convertible Table Covers with Logos

In any event setting, your primary objective is to catch the eye of attendees and draw them to your booth. Branded table covers aid significantly in this regard! By transforming your display table into a vibrant branding platform, they increase your brand's visibility in a crowded event space. With color printing or dye sublimation, your logo or brand message remains front and center, ensuring that your brand image stays with visitors long after the event.

Secondly, the flexibility of our convertible table covers provides a practical and economical solution for your promotional needs. The ability to adjust to fit multiple table sizes means you are always prepared, reducing stress and providing a consistent look for your brand across different events. This adaptability also saves you money, as you don't need to purchase different covers for different table sizes. Instead, one convertible cover serves multiple functions, a smart investment for your brand.

Make your mark at your next event with Logotech's convertible table covers! Whether you need to fit a four foot table for a small event, a six foot table for a trade show, or an eight foot table for a large industry event, we have you covered. Combine utility with impactful branding and make your display stand out!

At Logotech, we offer convertible table covers with the best wholesale pricing. Create an account on our website and start your order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are logos printed on convertible table covers? 

A: We can use color printing or dye sublimation to produce designs on convertible table covers.

Q: How do convertible table covers work?

A: The end of the table covers are folded up, and Velcro strips hold the table cover at its new size.

Q: What colors are available for custom convertible table covers?

A: We can use any colors in the Pantone Matching System for your table covers, including your exact color scheme.

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