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Discover products that are perfect for any classroom

When it's time to prepare for the new school year, ensure you set your students and teachers up for success by teaming up with Logotech. We have all the custom school supplies you'll ever need. In this category, you can easily browse through customizable promotional items that our team can personalize with your school's name, logo, and mascot.

Are you looking for an easy way for students to show off their school spirit? Custom school apparel and lanyards can be a great option. Give away these branded items at school orientations or rally days to impress students and their parents. As your students wear these personalized products, others will take note and want to check out your school.

Many students struggle to stay organized throughout the school year. Others might find it challenging for their families to buy all their school supplies. Ensure you fully prepare your students by providing them with a custom backpack, pencil pouch, and school supplies. That way, they have a place to store the personalized spiral notebooks, highlighters, and mechanical pencils you give them. They will never be unprepared for class again!

Are you planning on organizing a fundraiser at your school? Let us create promotional products featuring your school's branding and fundraising information to use as part of your giveaways. Give these products to your students to bring home so they, their families, and their friends can all learn about the event and contribute.

Of course, you can't forget about teacher appreciation gifts. A customized gift is the perfect way to thank teachers for everything they do. Consider getting them a mug with a custom thank-you note on it that they can always have on their desk or an apple-shaped stress ball they can squeeze when a student is giving them stress. Showing your teachers that you care can cause them to stay with your school for years.

From the first day of school to graduation day, our team makes it simple for you to get amazing promotional items for schools. Browse our wholesale custom printed school supplies and gifts to find the ideal ones for your needs. Your account manager will be happy to assist you with searching for products and getting them customized.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why should I order custom school products?

A: Custom printed school supplies with a personalized touch help build your school's identity and foster school pride in the student body. Students will feel proud to wear or use high-quality promotional products featuring their school's name or logo. The more they wear or use products featuring your school, the more other people become aware of it.

Q: Can I give custom school products to non-students?

A: Absolutely! You can also give these personalized products to teachers, staff, prospective students, and their parents. Custom educational products let your teachers and staff know you appreciate their hard work. Consider getting custom products for events like Teacher Appreciation Day, a team member's birthday, or their retirement party.

Prospective students and their parents can also appreciate college promotional products with your school's branding, especially when they come to take a tour of your campus. By giving them something they can frequently use, they'll constantly remember visiting your school and are more likely to leave with a positive impression. Sometimes, this extra touch can make them pick your school over others!

Q: Can I use these items for school events?

A: Our school promo items are excellent at spreading the word about an upcoming school event. Prom, homecoming, student body elections; whatever the occasion is, we have products you can use. You can even order products for students to use as part of their campaigns, such as when running for homecoming court or student elections.

Q: I don't work at or for a school. Could I still benefit from these promotional products?

A: Yes! These products are a great way to raise brand awareness about your business and recruit new talent from recent graduates. Giving students a lanyard or pen that features your business' name or logo at job fairs or during school visits shows your interest in them.

Q: How do you customize your school promotional products?

A: We can customize all of our school promotional products to feature your school's name, unique logo, or mascot. Some wholesale products also have multiple color options, so you can have them arrive in your school's color scheme. Your account manager will help you find products that best fit your design request.

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