Vacuum USB flash drive

Mar 06, 2019 in 02:36 PM | Posted By Janelle W.
Vacuum USB flash drive

This custom USB drive doesn’t suck. I mean, it IS a vacuum cleaner, recreated in USB format. And we have made USB drives that move, light up, and do all kinds of fun things.

But we have yet to create a custom USB drive that sucks.

While this drive was designed for a specific user, there are plenty of other companies that could use a vacuum to represent its services: housekeepers and crime scene cleanup services come to mind. As do vacuum cleaner repair shops (yes, those still exist) and any contract custodial service, too.

Whatever it is you’d like to see recreated as a custom molded USB stick – be that a stick vacuum cleaner or your company logo – we can do that.

If you are unsure of exactly what product would make for the most attention-getting drive, visit our custom shape flash drive page. Request a quote and uur advanced design team will make the perfect drive for your business development and promotion plans.