Teepee USB Flash Drive

Sep 17, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Teepee USB Flash Drive

We love the representation of this teepee USB flash drive.

The Great Plains teepee is often an image non-native people ascribe to all Native American tribes. But the teepee (also written as tepee or tipi) was only used by semi-nomadic plains tribes.

Native peoples in the Great Plains were able to quickly break down an entire encampment to follow bison migration. Many nomadic cultures across the world following herds adapted their tent-like structures to the game and wood available to them very similar to the teepee. For each of these cultures, the tent is made to be portable and ready when needed.

Sort of like a USB flash drive. They are adaptable to how and where they can be used. Our USB drives are easier to mail and travel with than heavy books or folders full of paper. They can be used to download text and images regardless of whether there is an internet connection. They are ready whenever you are.

We can design a custom shaped USB thumb drive to echo your chosen imagery. Or, select from our massive selection of bulk USB drives. Contact us today for a quote, and our design team will craft the perfect drive for your promotional and marketing needs.