Shipping Container USB Flash Drive

Jul 08, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Shipping Container USB Flash Drive

Pack a 1-2 marketing punch into a custom shipping container USB flash drive.

One of our clients has a unique problem. A worldwide logistics company with 300 offices on five continents, it also has a name similar to that of a condiment.

That, according to its marketing director, is why they do promotional products including USB flash drives. They are always looking for something that not only stands out, but also leaves no misunderstanding of what they do.

Our custom shape USB flash drives can be designed to perfectly represent whatever your company does. In their case, shipping containers make up a large part of their business. So, they had them made into drives with their logo emblazoned on the side to hand out at their conventions.

Are you ready to imprint your brand on a custom USB drive to make sure your clients and leads have no doubt about what you can do for them? Visit the shipping container USB product page and fill out a quick form. We will start designing a USB will never leave a client asking if they can get mayo with that.