School bus USB flash drive

Feb 10, 2019 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle Walker
School bus USB flash drive

It’s time to hop on board with a school bus USB flash drive.

Your school and its teachers are doing something innovative in their classrooms for students. Be it using The Energy Bus for Kids to encourage positivity or using school mascots to promoting college readiness in elementary school, educators are always thinking of new ways to engage students and excite them about learning.

What are you doing to ensure the public is aware of the programs your school, district or regional office of education is doing to help kids succeed? Simple giveaways like a school bus USB drive, customized with your school’s premier program logo and preloaded with district information, is one way to get your message shared.

These buses are also a great premium to give students who meet and exceed expectations. Whether they earn points for classroom participation or as a part of your PBIS program, students will be excited to get a usable piece of technology for their efforts.

There are many more industries that can benefit from the iconography of a school bus. Whatever training service you provide – fire or chemical handling safety, OSHA guidelines, Community Emergency Response Teams, public health and more – this school bus flashes the signal that your company takes education seriously.

What would make the perfect student giveaway for your program? Submit a quick quote today or visit our bus shaped usb drive product page for more details.