What Do You Think About The World's Smallest USB Stick?

What Do You Think About The World's Smallest USB Stick?

Have you heard of the world's smallest USB stick?! Measuring in at about the size of a dime, it still can hold 128GB of data. Since it is super small, the best place for this USB drive is in the back of a computer and to stay there.

With it being so small, it is meant to stay plugged into your computer all the time to offer more storage space. I could only imagine carrying it around - it could be easy to lose if you are not careful. There are multiple companies who have come out with this small size with huge space flash drive to protect and save your precious files and data.

This micro USB stick from Logotech can be a great set-and-forget option for your gaming console, tablet, or computer. You will find it does not leaves a bulky USB sticking out. You might forget it is even there!

With USB 3.0, these small sticks cab have transfer speed of up to 130 MB/s, which is ten times faster than the standard 2.0 drives. With that being said, you are sure to pay a premium for the speed and the amount of space that you are going to get with these drives (but it is worth it!)

We live in a world of the Dropbox. You can save pictures, albums and more without the need for a stick. But when you go to working with files on your computer, gaming console and more, a USB stick is an absolute must-have. It is the easiest and safest way to download all your files and more. There is no way we will be saying goodbye to these sticks anytime soon - they are a necessity of life!

Try Not To Lose the World's Smallest USB Stick

This USB stick probably isn't great for carrying around and using when you need it. Since it is so small, and you can easily lose it, this is great to just plug in and forget.

You can store up to 16 hours of full HD video on a USB stick of this size. Because of this, you might think this could be the perfect solution for toting your files around, but this low profile is best suited to plug in for extra storage.

SanDisk also has an encryption system which offers SecureAccess software, to keep your data protected and that you can rely on. They also offer a free 1-year subscription to RescuePro, which allows you to recover your data if you should run into any problems. By subscribing you will be able to backup your USB data easily, and not have to worry if you delete by accident.

Some people have really loved this USB stick while others have complained mainly about how small it is. I will let you decide if you feel this little piece of technology is something you want to add to your wish list. It is pretty reasonable in price for the size, just make sure you don't misplace it or lose it along the way. This one might be very handy for you and your work!

Logotech has even more options in our bulk flash drive inventory. If a micro USB drive is the right fit for your company, contact us to learn more.