What Are Swag Bags and What Should Go Inside?

What Are Swag Bags and What Should Go Inside?

When put together correctly, swag bags provide a huge marketing boost.

When you're hosting industry events like fundraisers, conferences, or trade shows, swag bags are a great way to promote your brand and thank your guests for attending. Everyone loves free stuff, and swag bags are the ultimate form of free stuff! Swag bags are sets of promotional merchandise, generally placed in a branded tote bag, that are given away for free at events. A memorable swag bag will bring a significant bump to your brand visibility, but selecting the best products is essential to maximize your bag's potential! Logotech is here to teach you about the swag bag's meaning and origins, how to put a swag bag together, and what to put in a swag bag.

What is a swag bag? Past and present

The word swag is commonly understood as an acronym for 'Stuff We All Get,' referring to promotional merchandise that is given away for free at events. Another name for a swag bag is a goodie bag or gift bag. Swag has had many definitions over the centuries, ranging from stolen goods or an overbearing person to the modern definitions of a self-confident attitude or promotional product giveaways. In past centuries, swag bags could refer to a satchel of stolen goods a burglar would carry. Swag bags, as we know them now, were popularized by awards shows like the Oscars and Grammys, where celebrities were gifted bags with expensive new products in hopes they might use their product and promote their brand. Swag bags for businesses and organizations work the same way, minus celebrities. By giving branded products that people will love and use in the long term, hundreds or thousands of people can be introduced to your brand, increasing brand recall and creating new business. So, what are the best things to put in swag bags, and how do you put one together? Logotech has everything you need to create the best swag bag for your brand.

How to put together a swag bag

Putting together a swag bag is truly a lot simpler than it sounds. With swag bags for events, it's important to remember who the recipients will be and what the event's atmosphere will be like, and tailor your bag accordingly. If people travel long distances to attend, for instance, including branded travel items like neck pillows and power banks is a great idea. Two more things to keep in mind are seasonality and sustainability. With climate change and the world's heightened focus on going green, ensuring you provide sustainably-sourced, reusable products will show that your brand is a part of the solution. The event's spot on the calendar can also influence your bag; blankets and hoodies are great for October, and beach towels and sunglasses are great for May! Let's go over putting together a swag bag in three easy steps.

1. Determine your budget

The first step when planning your swag bag is to determine your budget. You're not the Oscars, so it's unlikely you'll be able to give guests an iPad or an all-expenses-paid vacation. However, there are still tons of exciting options for your bags. Determine your total swag bag budget and divide it by the number of bags you want to give away; this is the individual budget per bag.

2. Select a bag

Every great swag bag starts with a great tote bag. Even if your guests decide they don't need the items in your bag, everyone needs quality totes, and your brand will still get great representation this way. You can choose from hundreds of custom tote bags with Logotech. Subtract the cost of the bag from your per-bag budget.

3. Determine your products

The final step in putting together a swag bag is determining which products can go into it! Use the remainder of your per-bag budget to fill out your swag bag, and allow for shipping costs. Logotech loves helping our clients put together swag bags; for any of your swag bag needs, create an account with Logotech or access our website's chat function to speak with one of our excellent account managers.

What products should you put in your swag bag?

The final thing to consider with swag bags is arguably the most important; what should you put in your swag bags? As previously mentioned, sustainability and the time of year are things to consider, as well as who the recipients will be. Let's explore some of the best types of products to put in event swag bags.

Custom branded apparel

One of the best things to put in swag bags for events are clothing and accessories with your logos and messaging. Everyone likes free stuff, and custom-printed tees, hoodies, and hats are all tried-and-true methods to spread your brand. Getting something as useful as clothing is sure to make a positive impression on recipients, and branded apparel works for all sorts of events! It doesn't just stop at tees and hoodies– sunglasses, ponchos, and even socks can be printed with your custom branding! As the industry leader in promotional clothing, Logotech offers thousands of options for promotional apparel.


Technology runs the modern world. The ubiquity of smartphones, laptops, and personal computers has dramatically altered society, and this should be reflected in your swag bag! There are tons of ways to go when considering including gadgets in your swag bag. Items like headphones, portable chargers, and mobile accessories are coveted by nearly everyone and are excellent ways to make your swag bag stand out from the crowd. Logotech has hundreds of options for headphones, earbuds, and speakers, which range in cost from less than $1 to more than $100, so they can fit any budget. Furthermore, USB business cards are a tech-savvy way to include your contact info in the bag! These business cards are printed on the front and back like conventional business cards, but they also feature a USB connection that can be pre-loaded with product catalogs, company videos, PowerPoints, or any other marketing media. In the internet age, use technology and gadgets to take your swag bags to the next level.

Travel supplies

Traveling can be taxing; take some stress off your event's attendees by gifting travel supplies in your swag bag! Especially if people are coming from far away to your event, gifting travel supplies is the perfect way to give clients a positive picture of your brand. Logotech has a vast selection of travel accessories. Neck pillows, power banks, travel blankets, and toiletry bags can be lifesavers for unprepared attendees, and they will spread your brand far and wide when recipients reuse them on future trips.

More swag bag ideas

Custom apparel, gadgets, and travel supplies aren't the only branded merchandise to include in a swag bag; there's practically no limit to what you can include! Branded water bottles and tumblers are excellent options, as are office supplies like pens and notebooks. Packaged food items are a fun choice that's sure to leave an impression; snack tins with popcorn or cookies will be a welcome surprise for your attendees. Logotech has a huge selection of promotional food items, all available to be printed with your logo. Smaller reusable items like fidget toys, coasters, and phone cases are great ways to fill out your bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much should you spend on a swag bag?

A: This answer will differ for every organization and event. You can make a quality swag bag while spending as little as $20-$50 per bag, or you can make an extravagant VIP swag bag by spending hundreds or thousands of dollars per bag. The decision is up to you and your budget.

Q: What material are swag bag totes made of?

A: Whatever material you'd like! Tote bags are often made with canvas, but Logotech also has options for cotton, cloth, polycotton blends, plastic, and more.

Q: How can I get help putting together a swag bag?

A: Logotech is here for all of your swag bag needs! Our account managers have loads of experience helping clients with gift bags and would love to help with yours. To speak directly with an account manager, you can create an account on our website, call 1-(888) 244-5152, or access our website's chat function.