Walkman USB Flash Drive

Walkman USB Flash Drive

Press play on your music promotion with a custom thumb drive.

If you are a member of Generation X, you probably remember the freedom that came with your first personal cassette player. You might want one of our Walkman USB Flash Drives to refresh those memories.

That's right: freedom. With a Walkman, runners, passengers and pedestrians could customize their music. Instead of listening to whichever radio station that came in, you could pick your own playlist -- even if it was a mixtape recorded off the radio.

With your over-the-ear headphones, you could also tune out the world around you. No longer did you hope for a radio station playing ad-free music during your bus ride. You could pick the tape that got you going for the day. You could sit in the back of the family station wagon and tune out your siblings, too.

This might be the real reason Generation X loved their Walkman player.

After its release in 1979, The Walkman quickly took over how many people, both young and old, related to their music. Largely due to the popularity of personal tape players, cassette tapes outpaced vinyl albums in overall sales in 1983.

Your cassette tapes are still around, as is your collection of CDs. But you are probably buying most of your music on digital now, with the occasional vinyl album for true audiophiles. If you are putting out new music, you should be putting them on a flash drive to sell on your tour dates and at club gigs. They will plug directly into a car's USB port for mobile listening. When you customize that flash drive into a 3D shape your fans love, they will show it off to their friends, too.

Lean into 1980s nostalgia with our Cassette Player USB Flash Drive. Or, check out all of our 100 Percent Custom Products for fresh ideas. We can customize your flash drive faster than a Gen X-er with a Sharpie.