Stun Gun USB Flash Drive

Stun Gun USB Flash Drive

Train police departments using custom shaped products.

Law enforcement officials worldwide want ways to stop suspects while preserving life. Educate public safety officers on your less-lethal weapon with this Stun Gun USB Flash Drive.

Our client's product is different from other stun guns. Instead of shocking a suspect with leads, this less-lethal weapon shoots balls connected by a cord. The bola wraps around a subject. When used correctly, the suspect falls to the ground.

Bolas are an ancient weapon found in pre-Columbian Patagonia digs. Archaeologists and historians believe they were used in South American cultures during warfare and to capture large animals.

Other less-lethal weapons used by U.S. police departments include bean-bag rounds, pepper balls, Tasers and rubber bullets. According to CNBC, the market for less-lethal weapons is expected to hit $11.85 billion by 2023.

Research on new ideas to stop suspects includes foam products, directed sound weapons, and lasers that will heat skin without harming the subject.

How can you use 100 percent custom products to promote your new, less-lethal technology? Load custom shaped 3D flash drives with testimonials, body cam footage, and videos of the products at work. Give them out at police chief meetings and law enforcement seminars.

Check out our custom products for the public safety industry for ideas. Contact your Logotech Account Manager or create an account now. Our design team will hand over the product you want.


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