Self Driving Car USB Flash Drive

Self Driving Car USB Flash Drive

Don't trust your promotional campaign to autopilot. Steer your campaign with no interruptions with custom self driving car USB flash drives.

This customer is just one example of high-concept, high-tech companies that come to us. They look to USB drives to either solve problems or spread their messaging. Tech companies know their marketplace and know USB drives are used in the industry.

What do they do with them? They preload custom flash drives shaped and branded like their cars. Preloads include product specifications, links to the website and sales team contact information. They load video demos of their product on the road. Then, they include links for further reading about what's going on in the industry.

Other transportation and tech-based companies use USB drives when the product needs an update. Machinery isn't connected to the internet. So, when an software update is needed, a thumb drive is the only way to update the product.

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