PVC Pipe USB Flash Drive

PVC Pipe USB Flash Drive

Every industry can benefit from a custom USB flash drive. Whether your business is manufacturing widgets or selling insurance — we can make a unique, 3D flash drive that demonstrates what you do. Get Noticed!

This company uses cutting-edge technology to line existing sewer systems. The liner extends the pipe's useable life. That saves municipalities millions by not having to dig up streets and inconvenience residents. We designed a custom PVC pipe USB drive that illustrates how the liners work.

Preload your drives with demonstration videos, before-and-after photos, specs, bid documents. Put whatever information you want municipalities to have in their hands on a flash drive.

Ready to have us design your own attention-getting drive? Go to our custom shaped USB flash drives by industry page to learn more. Our advanced design team will make the perfect drive for your business development and promotion plans.

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