Promotional Marketing for the Medical and Health Care Industry

Promotional Marketing for the Medical and Health Care Industry

Logotech has been providing custom, branded USB drives to medical professionals and health care providers since we were founded in 2008. We have clients across the industry—including teaching schools, hospitals, testing labs, private practices, practice groups and medical associations. And many, many more across all areas of health care.

Our clients have come to love an assortment of our custom USB drives as a visual example of the services they provide. We have created a gallery of Medical Flash Drives to choose from. 

Dentists and oral surgeons love our custom tooth USB flash drive. We've also done custom dental implant drives for oral surgeons. We have a trio of drives featuring a heart, lungs and stethoscope that we did for a teaching group. Ambulance Shaped USB Flash Drives are popular for EMTs and even medical billing software providers.

Other practices get our USB business cards for sharing client records and x-rays. These flat drives are easy to clip into a file folder for quick access. They are also an easy way to ensure the recipient knows exactly which practice it came from, because your logo, phone number, email and website are emblazoned across the front.

Socks to the rescue

Logotech has expanded its product line to even more branded merchandise to get your practice noticed! We recommend custom printed socks. Why socks? Because we can imprint your logo on custom socks for a fun pop of color. Nurses, lab techs and doctors on their feet all day long know important good, supportive socks are. They'll appreciate custom athletic socks with built-in support and your medical group or association's name printed on them, too.

Stay hydrated with custom water bottles

We all know how important good hydration is for our health. So pick up sport water bottles for your office. Whether you support or advocate for an awareness month, sponsor a community fun run, or have a booth at your city's marathon, the attendees need water. We all have our favorite water bottles, so getting a premier product ensures that will be the recipient's go to whenever they need water on the go. 

Ready to give your marketing plan a thorough checkup? Contact Logotech today and one of our Account Managers will help diagnose the best promotional products for your organization. 

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