Open-Top Storage Container USB Flash Drive

Open-Top Storage Container USB Flash Drive

Get Creative Branding with Custom-Shaped USB Drives!

Open-top storage containers have changed how we move goods around the world. With their removable tops, these containers are essential for handling oversized or challenging loads. Their design allows for crane-loading of heavy or tall items and provides an adaptable storage solution across industries. From construction sites to waste management, open-top storage containers make jobs easier and faster.

At Logotech, we've created a flash drive modeled after these amazing containers. This flash drive replicates the appearance of an open-top storage container. The USB connector is hidden within the structure, giving this flash drive the look of a miniature model. These flash drives make great desk ornaments and paperweights!

These flash drives are more than just for storing data! They're great conversation starters and show off the exciting world of shipping and handling. Ideal for logistics companies, freight forwarders, or any business related to shipping and cargo handling, these drives offer a unique way to promote your brand. You can customize them with your company logo and brand colors and even preload them with your marketing materials to create a potent marketing tool!

At Logotech, we're all about bringing your ideas to life. Whether you're looking for flash drives, keychains, or other unique items, we can create 100% custom-shaped products for your brand. Create an account on our website and place your order today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are custom-shaped flash drives made with?

A: Most often, PVC rubber is used for custom flash drives. We can also use ABS plastic, wood, silicone, or metal.

Q: How are logos added to custom-shaped flash drives?

A: We can either print your logo directly on the drive or make the logo a part of the product mold.

Q: Does Logotech ship internationally?

A: We're happy to ship internationally; click here for details.

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