Native American Drum USB Flash Drive

Native American Drum USB Flash Drive

Share Native culture and identity with custom shaped products.

Is your community central to the lives of Native Americans? We suggest this Native American Drum USB Flash Drive as a way to introduce that culture to visitors.

Our client, a small town in North Carolina, asked for this design to recognize its heritage. The city is the seat of the state-recognized Lumbee Tribe. Nearly 65 percent of its residents identify as Native American.

Native Americans -- sometimes called First Nation peoples, American Indians or Indigenous Americans -- do not have a homogeneous culture. The U.S. federal government recognizes 574 separate tribes. Language, religion and mythology historically connect some of those tribes. Many have no common links.

All tribes made drums -- and continue to. Drum size, style, and construction vary, often based on construction materials in their environment. Those drums kept the tempo for the singers and rhythm for dancers. Their songs shared individual stories or creation myths.

Custom shaped promotional products like this drum can help share those stories with a broader community. Preload flash drives with drum-making videos, how to play them, and how music keeps cultural memories alive.

Would you like to see your cultural touchstone as a 100 percent custom product? Contact your Logotech Account Manager now or create an account to request a quote. Our expert designers build designs to honor your traditions.


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