May is Photography Month

May is Photography Month

The right memory and style USB flash drive does more than just deliver photos

Logotech has been helping photographers deliver work to clients for more than a decade. For Photography Month, we want to help new photographers understand what they need for their USB purchases.


Your photography studio transitioned to promotional flash drives to deliver photos to clients/commissions years ago. You give clients a USB drive in addition to an online gallery, so they can access photos long after the gallery has timed out.

Pretty easy, right?

If you are new to pro photography and want to understand how and why photographers use USB flash drives, good luck. An online search will give you thousands of results -- mostly from people like us -- selling branded USB drives. Little "mechanical" information is available for you, but there are many results from those selling USB drives.

So here is a quick primer for new photographers and those moving out of CDs. Here is what you will want in memory, popular drives for your industry, and why you should consider custom designed USBs.

Why should I use USB? CDs are cheap.

This is an easy one. Because CDs are going the way of the floppy disk.

While desktop machines are still mostly shipped with optical drives, many laptop computers are not. Some tablet computers have USB ports, too.

With the advent of streaming services many younger families don't have DVD players, either. They do have smart TVs and other media players they can plug USB drives into.

Also, a 8GB flash drive holds more data than either a CD or a single-layer DVD. A DVD holds just over 4 GB, which is why 8GB USB is a better option.

So how much memory do I need?

We recommend, at a minimum, 8GB drives. That memory can hold 4,915 JPEG photos. Why so big? Because you want enough memory to ensure 8x10 final shots (or 5x7s for that matter) will render correctly. The more megapixels you are shooting in, and the more pixels your work with, the more memory you need. Always get USB drives to hold a bit more than you think you will need. 8GBs and above will do that for you.

If you also provide videographer services, consider getting even larger drives 16 GB and above — in USB 3.0. Those drives are 10x's faster than 2.0 drives for copying files. To avoid pixelization and buffering errors, never try to stream video off of a USB drive in either speed. You should always drag files to the desktop before attempting to play videos.

So what style drive should I be getting?

There are many choices to pick from in USB styles. For Logotech, metal swivel flash drives are popular and economical. If you want to present a certain image -- luxury, professional, top-of-the-line services -- your clients will also expect a certain look for your USB drives, too.

Consider drives made out of wood, or eco-friendly USB flash drives if you present an earth-friendly vibe. Credit card style drives offer full color imprinting (a wedding cake or bouquet on one side and your logo and email on the other). Leather drives, including leather wristbands, are nice if you have more of an urban feel, as do crystal drives.

What about custom shaped drives?

Custom USB drives for photographers are the best way to leave a lasting impression with your clients. After the last check is cut and you've turned over final deliverables, hand over the USB drive. It is the last chance you have to leave the right impression. This is when you clinch word-of-mouth and referrals.

Handing over a USB drive in the shape of a photo album, filmstrip, the camera you shoot with, an antique camera, a camera lens, a tiny bride and groom: these are the kinds of USB drives that won't just get thrown in a junk drawer. Drives that sit next to the kitchen computer, that clients will show off to their family, are the drives you want. They will elevate your reputation.

Another reason to do something beyond the norm with your flash drives? So you are beyond the norm. Every photographer should have a website, an Instagram, a Pinterest and a Facebook page to highlight their work. However, EVERYONE has that. Show off on your social media how cool your USB drives are. That will get you shares, comments, likes and reposts to connect to more leads and build your client base.

Remember that good USB drives aren't just another cost for your clients. They are also your handout, marketing piece and reputation. Logotech's account managers can help you wade through all of the options for branded and custom USB drives. Our design staff will create a custom drive that perfectly represents your logo, brand and feel.

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