Logotech Awards Elgin Partnership for Early Learning $500 Grant

Logotech Awards Elgin Partnership for Early Learning $500 Grant

The Elgin Partnership for Early Learning has been selected as our first Logotech-4-Good grant recipient.

This community-based partnership works with Elgin School District U-46, businesses, and parents to get young children prepared for kindergarten by creating a unified community plan. The partnership reminds parents and caregivers to prepare children for school with simple messaging: TALK - PLAY - READ - DO - WRITE: GIVE ME FIVE!


Getting Ready for Kindergarten


We believe charity begins at home and it was important to kick off this program by picking a local organization, said Nikita Nersesov, Logotech cofounder. Palatine, where Logotech is located, is just 20 minutes from Elgin. Our offices are even closer to several other towns within the school district.

The group's partnerships include hospitals, the city, library district and many other government and non-profit organizations. Its goals also create a framework to support the program throughout the school community.

An event to hand over their product donation is set for a later date.

Logotech-4-Good is set to donate $500 each month in branded promotional products to a school, educational or non-profit groups. Dozens of organizations applied in the first month. Those applicants, and any new entries, will be considered for future selection.

For more information on how to apply, visit: Logotech-4-Good.