Killer Whale USB Flash Drive

Killer Whale USB Flash Drive

Or, call them Orca Whale USB Flash Drives, we don't mind.

One client who requested our Killer Whale USB Drive has a deep connection to the orca.

SR3 -- Sealife Response, Rehabilitation and Release -- is one of our Logotech-4-Good recipients. This non-profit group, located in Washington, does exactly what their name implies. When alerted to hurt ocean wildlife they may treat them on site, take any animal they can to their sea life hospital, and when ready release them back into the wild. That includes helping injured killer whales.

Orcas, called killer whales because of their hunting skills, are endangered but have seen a comeback in recent decades. These loved leviathans are the highlight of many whale watching excursions throughout the Northeast U.S. To help protect them, ships and boats must stay 200 feet from the whales and idle their engines if they approach.

Are you wondering how you would use this Orca USB Drive for your organization? You could load custom flash drives with videos of these creatures to educate youth about their habitat, why they are endangered, and the efforts to protect whales. We think these customized jump drives are a great idea for aquariums and zoos, marine biology study programs, and tourism groups.

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