How to Drive Sales with Custom USB Drives

How to Drive Sales with Custom USB Drives

As a sales person, you must always be on top of your game, creatively crafting different strategies to drive sales. If your sales process involves a collection of collateral that you must figure out a way to get into the hands of a potential client, then custom USB drives could be your answer.

As each day passes, more and more of our everyday business is going digital. It has become inconvenient and extremely annoying to deal with paper documents, books, and catalogues. With a custom USB drive, you can get more of your digital collateral in the palm of someones hand than what they could physically carry with them if it were in print form. Not only can you get more material to your potential client, you save the environment and money all at the same time.

A USB drive is more likely to make it to someone's desk than print material is as well. Everyone can use a USB drive to help pass files to other people. Unless your sales deck is something they really want to see, that person you just met in passing or at lunch is more likely to throw away the excess baggage you just gave them while heading back to their office.

You can drive sales equally as well by sending out promotional flash drives as part of a direct mail campaign. Choose a model that is slim enough to slot into a standard envelope and can be sent using standard post, like our USB business card. Just refer to the data loaded on the memory sticks in the cover letter or flyer. Get creative and run competitions based on the content pre-loaded on them. This way you can be sure that the content will be read and prospect will absorb (hopefully) your proposition and be more inclined to contact you.

Custom USB drives are exponentially more cost effective when you factor in printing costs, shipping costs, and the limitation in capacity with printed collateral. Add to it the ability to custom them into any shape, color, or simply with your logo printed on it, it is a wonder why anyone is still printing out any of their business collateral.

Choose from a variety of promotional flash drive styles and memory capacities to drive sales, with guaranteed low pricing from Logotech.