Custom Mechanical Seal USB Drive

Custom Mechanical Seal USB Drive

Get custom-shaped USB drives to boost brand awareness!

Did you know there are around 2.6 million miles of pipeline in the United States alone? These pipelines move natural gas, petroleum, and water across the country en masse and are a vital part of our infrastructure. If you're involved with pipeline products, a custom USB drive like our mechanical seal drive is perfect for promoting your brand!

We produced this drive for a leading producer of pipeline products, based on their exclusive mechanical seal design. These mechanical pieces interlock with one another to form a seal between pipes and the wall or surrounding area. The seals also absorb noise and vibrations from the pipe. These areas are typically sealed with grout or caulk, but these revolutionary seals create a better seal while allowing easy installation and removal.

Logotech is the industry leader in custom shapes for USB drives, power banks, pillows, and more. Has your company invented an exciting new product? Logotech can help produce custom-shaped promotional products to spread the word about your business and products. Create an account with Logotech, and one of our expert account managers will reach out promptly!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much storage space is on Logotech's custom USB drives?

A: We have options ranging from 128MB to 256GB, so you're sure to get enough space.

Q: How can I get help ordering custom-shaped USB drives?

A: Logotech's highly trained account managers love helping clients with their custom-shaped USB drives! Create an account with Logotech, and one of our account managers will contact you directly. You can also call 1-(888) 244-5152 or access our website's chat function to speak with an account manager.

Q: Does Logotech offer samples of my custom product?

A: Logotech offers digital and physical samples of your custom product. Reach out to your account manager for more details.