Custom Lips USB Flash Drive

Custom Lips USB Flash Drive

Get a Promotional Makeover with the Custom Lips USB Drive!

The cosmetics industry is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries, generating more than $500 billion annually. The beauty market is projected to grow 6-8% over the next five years– a promising sign for cosmetics brands. The industry continues to expand from beauty schools and salons to large cosmetics brands.

Logotech's Custom Lips USB Drive can be an excellent promotional tool for any brand in the beauty and cosmetics industry! We produced this custom flash drive to help a top aesthetician school promote its brand, and it can be an excellent marketing tool for any brand in the beauty or cosmetics industry! The drive is shaped like a mouth, with a USB connector that slides out from the corner. We can print any logo or message on the back of the lips and on the concealed USB connector.

Logotech is the top provider of custom-shaped USB drives to promote your brand! We can make flash drives from any idea or product. Our custom-shaped flash drives can be 2D or 3D and are available in any color. We can even preload drives with your marketing materials, creating a digital brochure for your brand!

Get custom-shaped USB drives from Logotech to promote your brand! We offer the best prices, and our team is committed to creating an outstanding customer experience. Create an account on our website, and one of our excellent account managers will contact you swiftly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials are custom USB drives made from?

A: Custom USB drives can be made from many materials; PVC rubber is the most commonly used. We can also create flash drives with metal, wood, ABS plastic, or silicone.

Q: How are logos produced on custom flash drives?

A: We can make your logos a part of the product mold or print logos directly onto the product.

Q: Does Logotech offer free samples?

A: Yes, Logotech is happy to offer digital and physical samples of products. Create an account on our website, submit your artwork, and we'll respond with a digital sample!