Branded USBs: Taking Marketing to the Next Level, On and Offline

Branded USBs: Taking Marketing to the Next Level, On and Offline

Earning real estate in the consumer brain is becoming harder every day. With the plethora of advertisements and huge amount of online content that customers have to consume, keeping your company top of mind can be a full time job. Promotional products are tangible items that you can give your customers to make sure your brand is the one they see, use and ultimately, remember. Current marketing trends are showing promise for the return on investment in promotional products, both on and offline.



Content has become increasingly shorter, and keeping reader interest is top priority. Your company website, readable documents and infographics can be loaded onto a promotional flash drive for a quick way to get information to your customers. As hacking and internet security becomes an increasing concern, thumb drives provide a peace of mind that data is safe. Allowing a customer to carry their important digital information with them ensures they always have access to it.



While many people still use a desktop at home or work, mobility is quickly surging to be the most-utilized way people interact digitally. Many brands will need to create events and ways for people to interact with their companies in real life, in real time. A custom shaped USB flash drive can offer a way for customers to see a brand on a real product, and one that they will use in their daily life.

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