5 Extremely Cool Phone Chargers to use on the Road

5 Extremely Cool Phone Chargers to use on the Road

It has happened to all of us. You may not need your cell phone for hours, but the moment you want to make that one extremely important call, your phone dies. Being on the move, you don't have anything to charge it with. No custom power bank, and that makes you miserable. Our phone is like our umbilical cord to the world. Without a phone, many people feel mute and disconnected, which might result in a lot of personal drama.

It's fixable, however, because there are several gadgets you can use to charge your phone and other electronic devices while not at home or the office.


Keychain USB iPhone Charger

I bet you cannot think of a single person who doesn't own a smartphone. Chances are, that smartphone is an iPhone. This charger is quite compact, made of high impact plastic, and it comes in many bright colors. You can hang it on your key chain, so you never have to frantically look for it while you need it most. You would never wonder where it is, and helplessly ask your bewildered dog for an answer, knowing that no such will come. This phone charger is also convenient for a number of Apple products such as iPad, iPod Touch and Classic, as well as the fourth and fifth generation iPod Nano with video.

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Custom 3-in-1 Charging Cables


Solar Power Charger

In 2012, Waka Waka introduced the coolest solar powered LED lamp great for camping, or for any place that has no electricity such as some Third World countries. This year, it's the Waka Waka Power, which can provide light, but it can also act as a phone charger. The moment you expose it to direct sunlight, its 2,200 mAH LiPo battery starts charging. There is a tiny indicator on top that flashes to show you how fast it is charging. Full charge is achieved after eight straight hours under the sun. Truth be told, if you don't have time or sunlight at the moment, you can also charge it from your computer's USB port in four hours, but that would be no fun. Once ready, you can charge your iPhone5, BlackBerry, or Samsung devices, your camera or tablet.

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Solar Iphone Charger


Charge Your Phone on the Bike

Now, most cyclists and regular bike buffs may frown upon the idea of having a phone charger while riding. Isn't the purpose of mounting a bike to get away from technology for a bit? Maybe, but this small device is too awesome to be overlooked. Basically, it's connected to your bike and converts the mechanical energy produced while you are riding into an electrical charge for your gadgets. So for every two minutes you pedal, your iPhone will be charged 1%. If you are using it to navigate, at least it would keep it alive to help you with directions. The device can be charged directly via USB cables. It also charges its own removable 1300Ah battery, which you can use as an external battery for your phone, if you want.


Bike Phone Charger


Portable Charging Station

If you are tired of untying cables, losing them from time to time, or simply confusing what goes where, this device would be just for you. It is the perfect cable organizer. No bigger than a stylish travel bag, it is equipped with an integrated 4-Port USB hub. It could go with you while traveling; you can put it on your desk or your nightstand. Sure, you are using the cables meant for the gadgets you want to recharge, but everything is neatly put in the right place. It also comes with one AC/DC adapter. Charge your smartphone, tablet, camera and more.

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Portable Power Charger

Ok, here comes something like a supercharger. This 5,500mAh gadget can service anything from cell phones, cameras, Bluetooth devices to gaming systems and tablets, while you are away from the home or the office. It is compatible with iPhone 5 and any other device that has tips such as micro USB, mini USB or 30-pin. You can charge it by plugging it to your computer with the provided USB cable or charge it with an AC adapter that works with USB ports. Even being so multi-functional, it is easy to carry around, because it could fit in your pocket or a purse.