USB Flash Drives for Health Care and Wellness Industry

USB Flash Drives for Health Care and Wellness Industry

We have many customers in the healthcare industry who buy USB flash drives imprinted with their logo. 

They include hospitals, private practices, medical schools, associations, testing and imaging services, medical specialties, and more. 

Taking care of your health and wellness also extends to gym memberships, exercise programs, cosmetics and beauty aids. All of those businesses work to help people feel better and maintain good health.


Custom Burn Bootcamp USB Flash Drive


No matter what part of the health care and wellness industry you represent, Logotech can create a 2D or 3D flash drive. They will help you earn and retain more patients, clients and customers. 

Custom 2D molds are simple to make. We can do a 2D representation of your practice's logo, or a representation of what it is you do. We've made drives for companies that provide ultrasounds for expecting parents, make dental implants, and cartoons of doctors and nurses, too.  


Custom Shaped USB Flash Drive


Use your custom shaped USB drives as handouts at community events, loaded with information about your practice. Consider loading health and wellness videos, symposium presentations and contact information. Anything you need to help patients stay healthy.

If you do medical imaging, you can put those images on USB drives to share with the clients, too.


Custom Foot Print USB Flash Drive


Ready to increase your practice's visibility, ratchet up your marketing, and use USB flash drives as a part of that program? Check out our Medical Flash Drives for ideas. Once you get the "thank you" email, respond with your logo or design idea. Our expert design team and your account manager will walk you through the process. 

Create Custom USB Banner