Custom 2D Ambulance USB Flash Drive

Custom 2D Ambulance USB Flash Drive

Transport your promotional marketing to the next level.

From city-run paramedic/firefighters to private transport companies, ambulance service providers come to Logotech for custom shaped products like this 2D Ambulance USB Flash Drive.

We are always coming up with ideas to make new promotional products that work for public safety providers and the industries that aid their work. In this case, our customer is an insurance provider who works exclusively with ambulance services. The company wanted a modern-looking ambulance design that was slim and compact.

Our expert design team created this slider style thumb drive for our customer's new promotional campaign.

Why go with a 2D flash drive for your custom shape? Because they are just 10 mm to 11 mm (3/8 inch) thick. The flat profile is perfect for mailing to customers, carrying in a bag, and sliding the USB connection into a computer port. We can design a custom shaped thumb drive to look like your logo or any equipment your clients recognize.

What can your organization do with a custom slider flash drive? Pre-load them with all the information your clients need. Or leave them blank and give them out to your paramedic school students, new hires, at trade shows, and to residents during open houses.

Are you ready to see how an ambulance USB flash drive will look with your agency logo? Check out all of our custom flash drives for the Public Safety industry while you are at it. Then, contact your Logotech Account Manager to get started (with lights and sirens) with 100 percent custom products of your own.


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