Payment kiosk USB flash drive

Jan 08, 2019 in 04:34 PM | Posted By Janelle Walker
Payment kiosk USB flash drive

Everything is automated these days, from the self-checkout at your neighborhood grocery store to picking your seats and paying for your tickets at the movie theater.

This company manufactures kiosks to help make payments easier for everyone. We designed one of their kiosks in USB form for the company to hand out at trade shows and to sales reps.

Logotech’s custom USB drives help you automate how you reach your clients, too. By giving them a thumb drive loaded with information they need, they have that on them whether they have a wifi or data signal or not.

Logotech’s custom shaped USB drives are a must have for any marketing plan. We can preload your drives – up to 2 GBs – with any marketing material you want. Many clients add sales and pricing sheets, owner manuals, videos and presentations. Or, order them empty to load individual customer data to each drive. Contact our expert design team today and we’ll create a branded USB solution for your needs. Visit the custom shaped flash drives page to get started!