Parking Meter USB Flash Drive

Feb 06, 2020 in 08:30 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Parking Meter USB Flash Drive

I am pretty sure only two groups love parking meters and our parking meter USB flash drive. The companies that make the meters and urban planners.

That said, we made this custom parking meter drive for a manufacturer. They love them. Each drive is filled with information on their smart meters, and are handed out to city councils looking to upgrade their paid parking programs.

Now whether you love or hate paid parking, there is a cost to each on-street parking space. As parking meters go, these are pretty cool. These meters use infrared technology. They know when a car parks in one of its spots using sensors. Attendants can check to see who has parked for too long via an app.

So, if your company has created a new way to adapt older technology, consider marketing that tech via USB flash drives. You can load your drives with videos explaining how the technology works, and why it is the right choice for your market.

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