Pager USB flash drive

Jan 10, 2019 in 11:53 AM | Posted By Janelle Walker
Pager USB flash drive

Yes, there are people who still use pagers as a lifeline to their professions – doctors, firefighters, and EMS technicians being the first that come to mind. These old-school tech devices still have advantages over the ubiquitous smartphone, including that they are AA-battery powered. They will work even when power is out, and they don’t rely on cell towers but old-school phone lines to work.

That said, these clients remembered being up-and-coming entrepreneurs using their pagers to hustle new business. A USB drive of old-school tech can remind you – and clients – of the good old days when you were young and hungry.

What’s your old-school product you’d like to see to promote your business? Whether you want a custom USB Singer sewing machine, a USB shaped like a VCR or a VHS tape, or your first brick cell phone, we can make that.

Call us up today (sorry, no pagers here) or fill out a quick form on our custom shaped usb drive page and we will help you develop the right USB drive to remind your clients you were there then, and will be here for them into the future.