Logotech-4-Good July Announcement

Jul 15, 2019 in 11:08 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Logotech-4-Good July Announcement

SR3 Sealife Response, Rehab and Research was selected as the July Logotech-4-Good recipient. A small nonprofit in Washington state, SR3 helps to save endangered killer whales and other sea life.

Logotech-4-Good provides $500 in a wide range of promotional goods each month to one non-profit organization, school or educational program. They use the swag to aid in their branding and promotional efforts.

In addition to researching killer whales, SR3 advances medical care for all marine animals in the Pacific Northwest. They also free entangled whales and sea lions from life-threatening fishing line and marine debris.

Always on the go

Even as we called the SR3 team to inform them of its selection as the July recipient, they were in an ambulance on their way to help sea life in need, said William Smith, marketing director at Logotech.

In its application, SR3 noted how marketing materials donated by Logotech would help the young non-profit. They plan to raise awareness of its mission — building the first dedicated marine animal hospital in the Pacific Northwest.  There, they will help sick, injured, orphaned and entangled marine animals.

Customized marketing materials will help our young nonprofit increase brand awareness and inspire support for SR3's marine conservation efforts, said Casey McLean, executive director.

These items provides an easy way for our supporters to share information about our organization when someone asks them about their speciality item, McLean said.

For more information and to apply for the program, go to our Logotech-4-Good page.