Logotech 4 Good August Announcement

Aug 15, 2019 in 10:46 AM | Posted By Janelle W.
Logotech 4 Good August Announcement

Group Combating Human Trafficking Awarded August L4G Mini Grant

Cynthia Aulds, director of the Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking, was just arriving at the Texas/Mexico border when she got the call telling her the organization was picked as the August Logotech-4-Good mini grant recipient.

Aulds was delivering supplies to one of their many agency partners who work directly with victims and survivors of human trafficking across Texas. “When survivors are rescued, oftentimes they have absolutely nothing,” she said. Sometimes deliveries are something as simple as socks to as necessary as diapers and household goods.

“Anything we can help with is always very much appreciated. We get donations, from gift cards to Walmart to anything to help them get back on their feet, and are able to pass that on to survivors,” Aulds said.

Humans are trafficked from both within and outside the state’s borders, Aulds said. Unlike the Hollywood version of trafficking, oftentimes people—both male and female—are trafficked by their own families or within their own communities .And, with today’s social media presence, no one is immune from becoming a potential victim, Aulds said.

That is why a big part of their mission is educating both professionals and youth on what human trafficking— both llabor and sex—is, how not to become a victim and how to watch for signs in their communities as well.

Logotech-4-Good gave out its first, $500 mini-grant in January. We have since helped one organization each month increase its message and brand itself with promotional products. Winners thus far have included a preschool readiness program in Illinois, three nationwide foundations, a Mississippi pet rescue, a California elementary school and others. Products chosen have included mobile device grips and USB flash drives. Either are great ways to share the organization’s mission to a broader audience. Each piece is branded with the organization’s logo and work as billboards, announcing important work these non-profit organizations do.

For more information on Logotech-4-Good or to apply for the grant, visit logotech.com/logotech-4-good.

For more information on the Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking, visit www.cchttx.com.